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KCSA is a company that since its founding in 2001 has had sustained growth in the different business segments it manages.

Initially it was a company only dedicated to Logistics, then, incorporating the marketing experience of its Owner, it entered the Trading area at an international level and with the passing of the years and the well-deserved prestige obtained, KCSA was named Representative of prestigious brands. of Audio, Video and Accessories for Latin America.

The various economic situations in the different countries with which it is marketed mean that KCSA, in addition to being a representative and distributor, has become a manufacturer of many of the products it currently handles and has incorporated into its range of vehicle products the division of OEM products for which has a team of highly experienced professionals, expands its showroom, warehouses and provides them with the necessary equipment to maintain the usual excellent service.

Currently KCSA has the Audio, Video and Vehicle Accessories divisions, where the best and most recognized brands worldwide are represented, the OEM division which allows various renowned automotive brands to be able to interconnect with our products and offer factory solutions. , The HI-Fi and Commercial division which has everything necessary to be able to supply audio to any type of private or commercial environment from the simplest speakers to the highest range in HiFi, the Professional Audio division which has a range select brands that are used by the best producers, artists, DJs, television stations and fans. The Home Automation division which offers non-invasive installation products eliminating the need for wiring using Z-Wave technology, and of course the Logistics division where we solve all your problems with shipping, loading, consolidation of your products and control of your inventory. .

KCSA markets its products in 23 countries in Latin America and its success has allowed its prestigious products to reach the borders of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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King Cargo S.A.

ubicado estratégicamente al lado de la sección de pases en la entrada principal de la Zona Libre de Colon, en calle 13 y Avenida Roosevelt, Edificio KCSA.

T: +507-4302122