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The industry leader in high-performance audio systems, is pleased to announce that Harley-Davidson® Audio Powered by Rockford Fosgate will be offered as factory original equipment on MY21 CVO™ Street Glide® and CVO. ™ Road Glide® Motorcycles.

Bill Jackson, Rockford CEO and President, says, “We are excited to partner with Harley-Davidson® on this project. “Our two brands represent a long heritage of passionate consumers, driven by performance and lifestyle.” Jackson continued: “This new audio system is on a completely different level for the rider. Our two teams worked hard to develop a system that not only sounded better, but delivered bass output, clarity, definition and response throughout the driving experience. It is a new benchmark in performance.”

“In order to create a truly rider-centric sound system, our engineering teams measured both rider positioning and audio performance at different speeds. From there came the design of several proprietary technologies that work together to form a fully optimized pilot experience,” commented Jake Braaten, vice president of product and business development.

To provide this next-level audio experience, the focus on sound projection came from location-specific mirror-reflected left and right speakers that were further enhanced for the rider. Rockford then integrated advanced DSP with R-Tune, a proprietary motorcycle equalization designed to be louder and louder to overcome road noise and wind noise. A unique M-DEQ™ (Motorcycle Dynamic EQ) was developed to work together by adaptively changing EQ points in real time to ensure incredible sound quality no matter the speed or riding conditions. To address one of the biggest hurdles in motorcycle audio, BME (Bass Management Enhancement) was implemented to continually adapt to speed and road noise to maximize bass output at any volume or speed.

Harley-Davidson® audio powered by Rockford Fosgate will be offered as 2, 4, 6, or 8-speaker systems powered by up to two 400-watt amplifiers. Passengers can choose between Stage 1 two-way speakers or Stage 2 three-way speakers with a woofer, a bridge-mounted tweeter, and a midrange driver. All products can be easily configured and customized with the Harley Davidson app powered by Rockford Fosgate. They will also be offered as an aftermarket option for certain models dating back to 2014.

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