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Subwoofers may be mistaken as the only interest of boisterous teenagers and their modified wagons, however, it is important not to forget that bass is a critical component of any good hi-fi system.

What is Bass?

Bass notes are those that cover the lower end of the audio spectrum, the low frequency and often guttural percussive notes of a track or the experienced explosions in a movie. When you go to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster blockbuster, bass is the sound you feel and hear; the powerful vibrations that physically shake you in your seat.

Conventional speakers handle the highest and midrange frequencies, as well as a certain amount of bass: the triplet in a conventional speaker, for example, might include the strings of an orchestra’s performance, while midrange can usually be the rich, warm vocals of the singer. The bass could be the punch or the catchy bass riff from his favorite track. This, however, leaves the subwoofer the task of handling the deep, detailed, rich bass (the sound you can often really feel) that most speakers simply can’t handle on their own.

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